Statistical analysis of Genesis 11:10-26 Part 2

Patriarch lifespans

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The graph charts the data we have to work with.  As discussed in Part 1, we are looking to fit an exponential curve, and find a statistically valid measure of ‘goodness of fit’.  For those not familiar with statistics, that is actually a technical term – and it is self-explanatory.  Goodness of fit describes how well a model curve fits the data.

Now, some of you will know that I studied actuarial studies, which has a lot of statistics.  But that was long ago.  And I don’t expect many, if any of my readers to know much about statistics, so for your sake, and mine, we’ll go slowly through this statistical analysis.

For now, all I’ll give you is this graph, and the most interesting piece I’ve read anywhere on the subject.  I don’t often find the stuff at very useful, but this is an exception.  Anybody out there want to comment on the use of statistics, applied to the ages of the patriarchs?  More to come soon

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