Bill to legalise prostitution in SA fails 20-19

Should Prostitution Be Legalized? By: mapsofworldimages

Should Prostitution Be Legalized? By: mapsofworldimages
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An attempt to legalise prostitution came close to passing the lower house in South Australia today.

I’m quoting here from a Media Release by “Family Voice”

“The Sex Work Reform Bill failed by one vote (19:20),”

Hon Steph Key, the bill’s sponsor, abruptly brought on the second reading vote, despite acknowledging that other MPs had wanted to speak but were absent (some because of the Adelaide visit of US secretary of state Hillary Clinton).

Ms Key also claimed sex workers suffer less sexual ill-health compared to the general population.  “She is apparently unaware that evidence to this effect comes from sexual health clinics.  It does not take into account the vast majority of the population who see their own GPs,” Ros Phillips said.

Mrs Phillips said the abrupt end to the second reading debate meant that speeches outlining the many downsides to the legislation were not able to be heard.  Nor were speeches noting countries which have cut trafficking rates by using more enlightened models of prostitution law.

Premier Jay Weatherill and opposition leader Isobel Redmond were absent from the vote, as were some other key MPs.

I am quite surprised that this bill nearly got up in the lower house, because many MPs were absent.  I am annoyed both by Ms Key’s bringing on the vote abruptly at a time of advantage for her cause, and by the fact that it was allowed to be brought on abruptly.  This is one of the most important votes for the entire term of office, so to hear of the manner in which the vote was held, and how the most senior politicians were absent, is quite disappointing.

The 20 who voted no were:

Mike Atkinson

Zoe Bettison

Iain Evans

Chloe Fox

Mark Goldsworthy

Steven Griffiths

Martin Hamilton-Smith

Tom Kenyon (teller)

Tom Koutsantonis

Steven Marshall

Lee Odenwalder

Adrian Pederick

Michael Pengilly

David Pisoni

John Rau 

Peter Treloar

Dan van Holst Pellekaan

Leesa Vlahos 

Tim Whetstone

Mitch Williams

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